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From plastics, metals and glass to cardboard, textiles and composites, plasma pretreatment is the key technology for ultra-fine cleaning, surface activation and plasma coating. More and more conventional pretreatment processes in industry are being replaced by plasma technology to make processes more effective and environmentally friendly. What our technology has in common with Switzerland is its innovative character. Both sides should benefit from this in the future.

Your local contact

Klaus Kresser is Managing Director of Plasmatreat Switzerland AG and Global Market Segment Manager Bonding Applications at Plasmatreat GmbH and has worked in the coatings and adhesives industry for many years. He also holds webinars and lectures and supervises bonding projects throughout Switzerland. He has many years of experience in laboratory, sales, R&D and technical service.

Plasmatreat Switzerland works with funding agencies, universities, research institutes and companies to promote innovation for the benefit of the economy and society. Such funding projects are of particular interest to adhesive manufacturers based in Switzerland. Due to Plasmatreat's experience with adhesives in Germany, but also due to Kresser's professional background, Plasmatreat Switzerland is an ideal contact when it comes to innovative solutions for adhesives and adhesion improvements.

We provide support in Switzerland through our global network



At Plasmatreat Schweiz AG, one of our goals is to support Swiss technology companies in evaluating and implementing plasma technology in their processes.

In many cases, Swiss companies work on technical solutions that are then produced as series products in Eastern Europe or South-East Asia. The development of the product as well as the development of the manufacturing processes takes place independently of the actual manufacturing locations.

Swiss universities or institutes working on behalf of large European technology companies are often involved in these processes.

These development teams can draw on our know-how, experience and technology.


Your support options:

  • Support with application development
  • Technical and/or procedural development
  • Testing and evaluating applications
  • Rental systems
  • Spare parts, service and technical support
  • Customer training program / operational training
  • Sales / technical sales
  • Cooperation with local universities and institutes
  • Maintenance of the systems

Collaboration in partnership

FH Nordwestschweiz

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) offers hands-on education and specializes in helping industrial clients with applied research, creating tailored solutions for their technical challenges. They are focused on tackling today's social and economic issues with innovative strategies.

ZAHW Winterthur

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZAHW) in Winterthur is a leading educational institution and enjoys an excellent reputation for its practice-oriented education and innovative research. With its clear focus on application orientation in developmentand practice-oriented teaching, it makes a significant contribution to scientific development and innovation.

EMPA St. Gallen

Empa is an interdisciplinary research and service institution in the field of materials science and technology development. Empa's research and development activities are geared towards the needs of industry and social requirements. This creates a close link between application-oriented research and practical implementation, science and industry.

iRAP Fribourg

iRAP stands for the "Institute for Applied Research in Plastics Technology". It is dedicated to the scientific and technical challenges in the field of plastics technology and processing by developing solutions for the specific requirements of industry. The institute promotes various forms of cooperation by making its expertise available in the form of application-oriented research and development as well as services.


Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST) plays a leading role among Swiss universities of applied sciences and contributes to solving relevant social and economic issues. They develop insights and innovative concepts to generate sustainable innovations and provide clients and partners with tailored solutions and specific services.

Successful cooperation in industry

Over the past few years, Plasmatreat has steadily built up an innovative network of companies, educational and research institutions, funding organizations, interest groups and associations. This diverse group shares a common goal: the search for new and superior ideas for surface treatment. Our technology and innovation experts are well versed in various fields of expertise and use their combined skills to continually bring innovative ideas to life.

The Plasmatreat Academy events offer the opportunity to tap into our strong partner network. For example, we invite you to joint networking events. Attending our events is always worthwhile, whether you want to gather inspiring ideas, exchange ideas with like-minded people or find support and a competent partner for current challenges or upcoming innovation projects.

We work closely with our customers to find the best possible solution.

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