The diversity of plasma technology from a single source

At Plasmatreat, we are surface specialists and leading supplier for atmospheric plasma technology as well as experts for low pressure plasma processes. Based on years of experience, we have a comprehensive product portfolio that meets the most diverse requirements in the field of surface treatment. The spectrum ranges from our Openair-Plasma® systems, which consist of an application-specific configuration of nozzles, process control and generators, to our Aurora low-pressure systems and a selection of test inks and other services.

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Product portfolio

Openair-Plasma® Jets

The plasma generated inside is directed onto the material and can be applied via static or rotating nozzles

Openair-Plasma® Process Control

Openair-Plasma® systems offer more than 99% availability and extended process monitoring

Openair-Plasma® Generators

The generators are designed to provide the output power and can perform various control functions

Openair-Plasma® Systems

Efficient inline pretreatment is suitable for all applications where special surface qualities are critical

Aurora Low Plasma Systems

Aurora Low Pressure Plasma Systems are designed for customized surface treatment - cleaning, activation and coating with outstanding results.

Test inks – Order your set here!

You can choose from among ethanol test inks, formamide test inks, and methanol test inks, each available in two Dyne sizes and as practical kits in carrying cases.

AntiCorr® Test Fluids

In less than 60 seconds, this pioneering approach assesses corrosion by applying copper sulfate - a highly acidic and corrosive liquid - as a droplet to the surface.

Openair-Plasma® technology – Atmospheric plasma and plasma system components

Openair-Plasma® systems for customized surface treatment can be integrated inline in existing manufacturing processes with outstanding results. The main system components of Openair-Plasma® atmospheric pressure plasma technology are the plasma nozzles, the process control and the generators.

The plasma generator combined with a PCU allows operators to fully exploit the full range of process control options to ensure consistently high quality and reproducibility of the plasma treatment. This is particularly critical for pretreatment processes since the results are not immediately visible or testable in-line and can only be guaranteed by the monitoring functions. Plasmatreat’s unique combination of S generator and PCU records the most important process parameters for the operator, detects any changes or deviations that occur and presents them using clear graphic displays. The collected values also serve as indicators for different warning messages or preventative maintenance notifications and therefore minimize machine downtimes. Each plasma nozzle can also be optionally equipped with three-fold process monitoring.

Service portfolio

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After-sales service

Comprehensive service portfolio for satisfied customers

Our service portfolio makes it easy for you to get started with plasma surface treatment.

With our "Book a demo" service we offer you the possibility to send us your parts. We will then make an appointment with you and treat the parts according to your requirements while they are online or in presence. This way we can find approaches and solutions together.

If you want to treat a certain number of parts or small series with plasma, you are welcome to book our contract surface treatment. This way we extend your workbench and increase your capacities. In addition to activating and cleaning parts, we can also coat your components. We also fulfill requirements such as working in clean rooms or similar.

You want to take care of the surface treatment yourself, but you don't want to buy a system right away? No problem, just use our rental service. This way you can try out how plasma can be integrated into your process without having to make a large investment.

Last but not least, if you want to make use of our after-sales service, you can reach our colleagues on our hotlines in different time zones as well as our colleagues in the 24 subsidiaries all over the world.